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The summer months bring along loads of color and brightness but it also brings along a lot of unwanted guests in the form of wasps, bees, hornets, yellow jackets and other such pests. While an occasional bee or wasp is perfectly tolerable, it is when these insects build nests on our residential or commercial premises that the situations gets a little out of hand and even dangerous. In such conditions, the professional services we offer at Wasp Removal City Two is your answer to every question on extermination of these pesky pests.

Dangers Posed by Pests

Pests like wasps, bees and other similar creatures from the insect kingdom may be an important part of nature but when it comes to our residential or commercial premises, it is always a safe bet to keep them away. These insects are capable of causing allergic reactions or at least a considerable amount of pain and itching in case of a sting and in some cases, when the bites are multiple and the reactions serious, the results can even be fatal. It is therefore a good idea to tackle the issue before it gets out of hand and one way to do this is to call upon the services of Wasp Removal City Two.

Wasp Cycle Explained

A wasp colony is the most active during the summers because this is when the queen bee has ended her lonely months of winter and gets ready to begin work on a new colony. The first members to make their appearance in a colony are the sterile female wasps who take over the queen’s duties of expanding the colony until the adult wasps take over. If left undisturbed, a wasp colony expands rapidly and by the end of summer, can grow into quite a dangerous threat. A wasp nest should therefore be taken very seriously because even if they look small and harmless in the beginning, they do grow in size as time passes. The services we offer at Wasp Removal City Two come in handy under these circumstances.

Calling in an Exterminator

While the earlier you call in an exterminator the better it is in terms of safety and convenience, at Wasp Removal City Two, we handle every wasp nest situation no matter how serious it may be. Using modern extermination methods such as fumigation and others, out expert technicians carefully study the site and then provide suitable services. Apart from the removal of the nest as well as wasp protection services, our exterminators also offer a long-term answer to a wasp problem, ensuring that the pests do not invade your space again. For wasp removal in Scarborough call: 647-360-6809