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Wasps, bees, yellow jackets and hornets are no doubt a beautiful part of nature but when these insects begin threatening our space and our daily routine, it becomes necessary to find a solution.

At Wasp Removal Markham, we provide you with all the essential services to keep these insects away from your personal or commercial space, not only keeping you, your family or your employees away from the nuisance they cause but also from possible health hazards. The solutions we offer are long term and are implemented using professional extermination methods, thus ensuring safety and dependability.

The Threat

While we all find the buzzing of bees, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets a sign of the coming of summer, the invasion of these insects is a troublesome issue. The nests that bees, wasps and other insects build can have several hundred of these insects in them and apart from looking out of place on your residential or commercial property, these nests are also a potential health hazard. Even if you choose to leave these nests alone, it is possible that the insects attack you, your family, children or even your employees without provocation and these attacks could even prove to be fatal if any of them suffer an allergic reaction. In some cases, an entire swarm engages itself in an attack and these could be even more dangerous. This is where our wasp nest removal services come in handy.

The Biology behind the Wasp Season

The summers are a beautiful time, even for the insect kingdom, and this is when wasps and other similar pests get around to the business of starting a new cycle of life. The queen wakes from her slumber that she has gone into during the winter and begins the hard work that is necessary to build a new colony. This is the time the beginnings of a nest will begin to surface on your property and as time goes by, this nest will grow into a full-fledged colony with the queen, the sterile female workers and adult wasps.

The Solution

Removing a wasp nest from your premises isn’t as easy as it seems because if disturbed, these otherwise harmless creatures can attack ferociously, leaving us with severe stings. In case we suffer from allergic reactions, the consequences can even be fatal. A reliable move in this situation is to call upon the services of Wasp Removal Markham. Our exterminators ensure the safe removal of wasp nests and also make sure that the problem does not reappear. Using the right methods as well as fumigants, our technicians ensure that your wasp problem is dealt with in a professional and safe manner. Call647-360-6809