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Wasp Removal Hamilton. If contractual pests return following service and within the guarantee and warranty period we will return at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customers wasp free. We guarantee every service and provide extensive warranties to make sure wasps are gone and our customers are happy. Call Wasp Control – The Exterminators Inc. for wasp removal Hamilton.

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Wasp removal Hamilton solutions by licensed AND INSURED exterminators.

Wasp Removal Hamilton Solutions is ready to serve you 365 days all year round. Our team consists of the best-seasoned technicians in the industry. Combined they have solved and handled countless cases in Hamilton and beyond and have specialized knowledge to handle any case regardless of the extent and severity of an infestation. All of our technicians are licensed by the Ministry of Environment and are insured as well to protect themselves against unforeseen situations that come up during the job. Wasp Removal Brampton Solutions is an expert in offering our neighbors far and wide with viable solutions and proofing solutions and continues to give long-term options up to this day.

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Dangers of Wasp Infestation

The risk that is associated with having wasps so close to you is the increased probability of being stung. Wasps are known to sting multiple times compared to the ordinary bumble bee who has one chance at stinging its victim before it perishes. It is interesting to note that most female wasp species have the ability to sting whereas the male can only display aggression. Some symptoms that include being stung by wasps are experiencing sharp pain, burning sensation, and can even cause itchiness. these are called normal reaction

The large local reaction is a more severe overall reaction and this includes red swelling and these people might be allergic to wasp stings. Symptoms might even happen two or three days after the sting. The effects can include nausea and vomiting. 

A very serious reaction is called anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis takes place when your body goes into shock in response to an allergic reaction such as when people are allergic to peanuts. Most people who go into shock after a wasp sting do so very quickly. It’s important to seek immediate emergency care to treat anaphylaxis. symptoms can include trouble breathing, hives that appear red, swelling of the face, throat, mouth, or tongue, wheezing or trouble breathing, restlessness or anxiety, rapid pulse, dizziness, and a sharp decrease in blood pressure.

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Types of Wasps

Bald-Faced Hornets

Bald Faced Hornets removal

The bald-faced hornets can be generally recognized by their black body and their white face. Bald-faced hornets are usually larger than yellow jackets where workers can range from 15 to 20mm. Their activity usually takes place during the day and their paper nest usually hangs off three branches, overhands, and soffits. The colony usually starts out in spring when a queen places an egg in each cell as she begins to build her nest. The size of a bald-faced nest can reach the size of a soccer ball in just a span of a few months. During winter, males and workers usually die off while the fertilized females survive the winter and go into hibernation.

Yellow Jacket

yellow jacket removal

Yellowjackets measure 10mm to 16mm in length. The yellow jacket wasp can be differentiated by features such as a slimmer body and fewer hairs. Their long wings can fold laterally when they are at rest. The queen usually starts a nest by building a paper-nest and placing her first egg in there and feeds them herself. After the eggs have pupated, they will grow into mature yellow jackets. The eggs can survive the harsh winters while the male workers will die off.

Paper Wasps

paper wasp

There are many kinds of paper wasps. Generally, paper wasps are very thin and have yellow discoloration with an all-black body. Their nests are constructed by a combination of organic materials and salvia that has the resemblance of paper. Hence the name paper wasp. 

Mud Daubers

Mud Daubers

Are very different from all the previous wasps. Instead of making their nests out a material that resembles a paper-like material, mud daubers actually build their nests out of the mud. These nests have a tube-shaped shape and can have several next to each other. Typically one nest houses one mud dauber. Mud daubers are solitary wasps that become active in the springtime. When the nest is finished, the mud daubers go around a hunt for spiders and insects to feed their larvae with which they put in every nest hole and close it up afterward. When the egg hatches, the spicer becomes its first meal before it opens the hole and ventures into the world. 

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter Bees Removal

These bees resemble bumblebees. What makes them unique is that they make their nest from digging tubular holes in untreated wood and not covered in bark. Their partner feeds on pollen and nectar and returns to their gallery to overwinter for it to emerge next spring. Male carpenter bees are only able to sting whereas females are the ones who can sting.


What Expect from Professional Wasp Removal Service


Before we move to removing the wasp nest, we first have to verify and assess the severity of the situation. This can include assessing the extent of the invasion and where the nest is located exactly. To remove the nest as safely as possible our technicians must gather as much information as possible such as the species, obstacles, and type of nest.


After gathering essential information that can help the technicians to remove the nest, the technicians move on to the removal phase. Nests can find themselves in various spaces at various heights. For this, our technicians have a specialized arsenal of tools available and different formulations to handle different situations in order to reach maximum reach.


To prevent further infestations our technicians use a wide range of proofing and exclusion solutions to make sure that rodents and other insects cannot take advantage of the hole. If the site involves a structural gap in a wall that has been created after removal we recommend to have this patched up as soon as possible. For smaller entry-points may use galvanized steel mess based on the situation and the extent of the infestation. 

Wasp Control - The Exterminators Inc.

Why Hire Our Professional Wasp Removal Hamilton Service

Wasp Removal Hamilton Solutions has been in the Hamilton area as long as time can tell. The services that we offer to our Hamilton neighbors share a special connection as we have been helping families and businesses with their pest control needs since the beginning. All of our technicians are licensed and insured and have gone through rigorous training and have put an end to numerous infestations through the region and beyond. As a service, we are proud to help our neighbors get their life on track by doing what we do and know best. With the help of our specialized equipment and formulations, we can guarantee to tackle every infestation regardless of its size and extent in order to bring it to a definitive end. 

Our technicians are true experts and can adapt their strategies to any situation possible. As a service that has its roots in The Greater Toronto Area, we care deeply about the impact that we can make as a company that works well beyond the city limits. For this very reason, we have made a conscious choice to reduce our footprint on the environment and our surroundings by using responsible formulations and methodologies for why we end your infestation. We follow strict guidelines and regulations to assure our customers that we do everything with safety in mind. We are no stranger to Hamilton, nor will we ever be because as a reputable wasp removal service we love being invited back by one of your residents whenever we take on a case! We are humbled by the opportunity to help our neighbors in our community by what we do best and will continue to do so as long as we can. When you have wasps, you know who to call: 647-360-6809