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Wasp Removal Peterborough. If contractual pests return following service and within the guarantee and warranty period we will return at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customer’s wasp free. We guarantee every service and provide extensive warranties to make sure wasps are gone and our customers are happy. Call Wasp Control – The Exterminators Inc. for wasp removal Peterborough.

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Guaranteed and affordable wasp control services by licensed and insured exterminators done with the most potent pesticides and the most effective tools. The professionals at Wasp Removal Peterborough have been in the industry for years and have a robust wasp removal plan in place based on different situations and types of wasps. Wasps can pose a very serious risk to the ones around you and that especially goes for children and pets. Unlike bees, wasps will sting people and pets multiple times and they will do this in tandem with other wasps. If you see increased activity in the warmer months around spring and summer, you might have a wasp nest nearby your property or directly fixed to your house. Do not go out for a closer inspection because wasps might perceive any type of engagement as a treat. Our wasp removal service can only be backed up if the wasp nest is directly affixed to the property. If these wasps are in shrubs, trees, and other types of vegetation, we cannot issue a service warranty. For more information and to book an appointment, call 647-360-6809

Pest Perils

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Wasps will be seen more often in the summer. Typically, you will see a sharp increase in wasp activity on your property after they have successfully invaded an area. They will then start to colonize the area by constructing a nest close to a food source and in a shaded area. Wasp stings can be very dangerous since they will sting their target multiple times. Children and pets are the most at risk of getting stung by wasps. People may develop more than severe reactions to it unknowingly. Immediate medical attention is required, and it can be lethal.

Call us today and our licensed and trained professionals will soon be at your doorstep with a guaranteed solution.

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Types of Wasps

Bald-Faced Hornets

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Bald-faced hornets can be recognized by their white face, and black bodies and their size can size up to approximately 15 to 20mm in length. They are in general bigger than yellow jackets by far. They are mostly active during the daytime and have a paper nest which usually hangs off of soffits, three branches, and overhangs. The colony of the bald-faced hornet starts, like any other wasp colony, out in the spring and will go on to the first days of the winter. The nest can balloon to the size of a soccer ball and is for this reason very dangerous to be near.

Yellow Jacket

yellow jacket wasp peterborough

Yellow Jackets are one of the most common wasp species people encounter. They have a very sleek bodies with yellow discoloration marking their bodies. They have quite long wings that fold laterally when they are at rest. The colony of the yellowjacket starts with the queen when she builds a nest. She feeds these eggs herself which eventually grow out to be a colony of a few thousand wasps that tend to the colony as well as to the queen. Male workers will die off in the winter while the eggs can resist the cold temperatures.

Paper Wasps

paper wasp

There are many kinds of paper wasps. Normally, paper wasps are very thin and have slight yellow discoloration on their backs with an all-black body. Their nests are built in combination with organic materials and salvia that have a resemblance to paper. That is where the name paper wasp comes from.

Mud Daubers

mud daubers peterborough

These slender wasps are solitary creatures and are most active during the spring. After the mud nest is completed which is cylindrical, they hunt for insects, such as spiders which they put in every hole of their nest to feed their young.

Carpenter Bees

carpenter bees peterborough

These carpenter bees look a lot like bumblebees. What is so unique about them is that these bees make their nests by digging tube-shaped holes in untreated wood not covered in bark. Their partner feeds on pollen and nectar and returns to their gallery to overwinter for it to emerge next spring. Male carpenter bees are only able to sting, whereas females are the ones who can sting. An interesting fact is that wasp nests never get reused, and that wasp nests never get built close to another wasp colony.

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The Biology Behind The Wasp Season

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Summer in Ontario is a beautiful thing, but depending on your circumstances and your situation, it can also be a very dreaded thing. Wasps are among those pests who become increasingly active during the warmer months and that will be noticeable by the number of wasps that will be swarming around your home. Wasp season can be especially dangerous for kids and pets. Wasps deliver painful stings that can even have fatal consequences. The biology behind the wasp season is very much a circle of constant survival and rebuilding. When the queen wakes up from her hibernation in the winter, she will go on and seek a new spot for her nest. She will expand the colony with other wasps and will start expanding the nest as well. Little by little, the wasp nest becomes fully functional. These wasp’s nests are constructed near sources of food and in areas that wasps will be able to colonize. The result? A full-fledged wasp colony consisting of thousands of wasps right in your garden or even on your house or commercial building. Licensed and insured pest control experts will need to be involved since it can be very dangerous for anyone to get close as the risk of being stung is very high. To hire us, simply call us at 647-360-6809

Assessment and investigation

Before our wasp control specialists start the removal of the wasp’s nest, they will need a full understanding of the scope and the severity since this can differ per case. Technicians will start by conducting an inspection and assessing the ground level. Technicians, during the inspection, the technician will note several areas around the property. Technicians will also look for entry points as well as wasps might even nest inside of weep holes! Once the assessment and investigation process is complete, the technician will inform the property owner for recommendations.

Advice, Wasp Removal Plan and Cost

At Wasp Removal Peterborough, we prefer transparency. Our technicians will thoroughly explain the process, whether chemical pesticides will be used or whether baits will be used. The technicians will also give an approximate time frame and quote.

Execution of the Pest Control Plan

Technicians will use the terms of the signed agreement to execute the removal process. The treatment will differ based on the situation and the set of circumstances. Technicians will use chemicals, baiting systems, investigation, barricading, etc. Pest control specialists will also reach hidden spaces that are not easily seen. They might climb trees, and roofs, and might cut through surfaces. This will be discussed beforehand. Technicians know what chemicals to use that are not harmful to the environment, pets, or children.

Assessment and Follow-Up

The pest removal service might require several follow-ups until the wasp infestation is over. The expert might need to re-apply for wasp insecticide spray, empty traps, check for fresh wasp presence, etc.

Why Hire Exterminators ?

Because removing wasps can be a very risky undertaking for the ones that are not trained. Wasps will sting people or pests without any mercy. A lot of people might be allergic to these stings unknowingly and the consequences might even be fatal. The best course of action is to call in the experts that are specially trained, licensed, and equipped for these kinds of cases. Technicians will also make sure that these pests do not come back with potent fumigants that are inaccessible to the public. We always use methods and techniques according to local and provincial law and thus will guarantee you to always put safety as a priority.
The technicians at Wasp Removal Peterborough are equipped, trained, and licensed experts that have spent years outside of Peterborough dealing with similar cases. Our team is like no other and we show it by going above and beyond. We make sure that your case is handled following our company values and guarantees. Our technicians are proud to have been working in the diverse and bustling neighbourhoods of the Peterborough that we are a part of.
We take it upon ourselves to use the most advanced and potent chemicals that are at the same time safe for the environment. As pest control experts we believe that we carry a shared responsibility to ensure a greener tomorrow.

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Wasp Removal Peterborough

Wasp Removal Peterborough will take control of your situation using different types of chemical and bait applications that are safe to use around children and pets. Our technicians are fully insured and licensed wasp control specialists that have access to potent pesticides and effective tools to get the job done. Call to book us at 647-360-6809