Wasp Control Services

Have a licensed, train exterminator remove any wasps nest from your property safely and guaranteed.

Wasp Nest on a Wall Surface or Soffit

We remove wasps nest from surfaces by applying an insecticide over and inside the nest (for larger nests). Once the insects have been eliminated we then remove the nest and dispose it. After the nest has been removed we apply a residual insecticide on the area so that no other nest can be established on that surface.

Wasp Nest Inside Wall Void or Inside Soffit

Once the entry point of the nest has been located, we deliver the insecticide using ultra low volume mist inside the wall void. Any wasps that come in contact with the product will perish. The product will coat surfaces inside the wall void and will continue to affect insects when they enter the wall void.

Wasp Nest On Tree

In many cases, wasps will build a nest on a tree branch. Theses nests are treated by delivering the insecticide using an extension pole or a ladder.  Once the nest is treated we cut the nest down and dispose of it. These nests can be treated as long as they can be reached by our team. Unfortunately we cannot provide a warranty for any wasps nests on trees or shrubs.

Very High Wasp Nests 

Wasps can build their nests in hard to access areas like the peak of the roof, or dormer. Rest assured our at heights certified technician will be able to access the nest safely via the use of a ladder. If the nest is on a 3rd storey we will a 2nd technician present for safety reasons. High nests can be removed but be prepared for an additional cost.

Type of wasps

Bald Faced Hornets

bald faced hornets

Yellow Jacket

yellow jacket

Paper Wasps

paper wasps

Mud Daubers

mud dabures

Carpenter Bees

carpenter bees

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