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If contractual pests return following service and within the guarantee and warranty period we will return at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customers wasp free. We guarantee every service and provide extensive warranties to make sure wasps are gone and our customers are happy. Call Wasp Control –  The Exterminators Inc. for wasp removal Richmond Hill.

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Wasp Removal Richmond Hill. Guaranteed wasp nest removal. Licensed exterminators offering complete eradication and removal of wasp nests from soffits, roofs, decks, bushes, trees. Don’t risk getting stung, Have the professionals perform the removal. Call for wasp nest removal in Richmond Hill: 647-360-6809

The onset of warm and sunny summers tends to invite insects like wasps, bees, hornets and yellow jackets who build nests to procreate during this season, causing inconvenience to people residing in the area and also a serious threat to health.

But now you need not worry about these pests as you have Wasp Removal Richmond Hill to rely on. Our wasp extermination team provides you with a permanent solution to the problem of wasps. Equipped with adequate experience and extensive knowledge, our professional exterminators use fumigants and various other methods to carefully and permanently remove these pests, leaving your home or office a safe place to be or work at.

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The Obvious Threat

Wasps, bees, hornets and yellow jackets must not be underestimated due to their size. Even though these insects are small in size, a single sting can cause quite a lot of harm to one’s health. Most of us aren’t even aware of an allergy we may possess to such insects, the stings of which could also be life-threatening. These insects tend to get defensive and attack with the slightest onset of threat. At times, they may even sting if a human is in close proximity to their nest. This poses a grave threat to your family if the nest is in close proximity to your home; or your employees if the nest is in or around your commercial complex. Wasps even tend to sting animals. So, if you have pets, these pests could endanger them too. Hence, it is advised to have their nest removed by our professional exterminators at the earliest.

Call us today and our licensed and trained professionals will soon be at your doorstep with a guaranteed solution.


Summer – Wasp Season

Winters are when the nests of wasps are most dormant. It is the warm season of summer that brings with it the newly procreated colony of wasps, bees, hornets and yellow jackets. If these nests are built in populated areas or places where human beings co-exist, they cause a huge risk to people around.

You definitely must not attempt to remove the nest of bees or wasps yourself, as these insects will feel threatened and attack you in clusters. Multiple stings can cause great harm to your health and hence this job is best left to the professionals.

Wasp Infestation

What are the dangers of wasp infestation to you or other residents? Do you think wasps could pose any danger? Wasp help control the population of certain insects that could hurt crops however they could also be dangerous to your health. Hence, it is the best practice to consult a pest control removal expert to avoid the dangers of wasp infestations.

Common and Dangerous Wasp in Canada

Across Alberta, Greater Toronto Area, Saskatchewan, Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba in Canada, there are at least 550 different species of wasps. But the most common and dangerous species include the hornet. The hornet is known for its aggression, painful stings, and attacking their victims in swats. Another common one is the Paper wasp. They have large black or brown bodies with yellow markings and grey-colour wings. They come out during the spring, summer, and fall and are equally dangerous. Yellow jackets are large like bees but with shiny bodies, long, wings with yellow and black colour.


What to Do After a Wasp Sting


wasp nest removal wasp removal Richmond HillAfter being stung by a wasp do not operate any type of vehincle under any circumstance. Instead, have somebody take you to  a medical professional immediately. A person who is not allergic to wasp sting but has been stung by a wasp before can experience an allergic reaction on a second sting. Hence, one should be careful about wasp infestation and stings. Read more on what to do when a wasp has stung you.

  • Use tweezers or credit card to immediately remove the stinger from the skin surface.
  • Wash the stung area with bathing soap and water.
  • Get a block of ice and apply it to the sting area to reduce the pain or inflammation.
  • Take Claritin or Benadryl or any other antihistamine medication for relief.
  • Apply any hydrocortisone cream to reduce redness, swelling, rash and itching sensation.

If you have been stung by a wasp, you need to visit a medical professional  for proper medical treatment right away. It is also advised to contact a professional wasp removal service  like Wasp Removal Richmond Hill  to get rid of wasp infestation and to prevent a second incident from happening.

Now, you do not won’t have to wonder what the dangers of wasp infestations are hoping that the information was helpful. However, there are natural home remedies or Do-It-Yourself remedies for getting rid of wasp. There are also baiting systems and the use of a chemical to avert the dangers of wasp infestation. But most of these solutions will leave you disappointed seeing that they only offer temporary solutions. Other solutions, not properly applied will still leave you with half-solutions. Stay away from the dangers of wasp infestation by consulting an expert pest control or wasp removal company today.


Dangers of Wasp Infestation

Do not wait till you become a victim of a wasp sting. Call in the professional wasp removal Richmond Hill company to get rid of wasp infestation now. This could be the outcome of having a dangerous wasp in your home:

Wasp Stings

One of the common threats of having a wasp in your yard is getting stung by a wasp. Wasp usually moves in a group, called a swarm and could sting you multiple times. If you are not allergic to wasp stings you could get off easily. But if you are a victim of poisonous wasp, you could suffer from mild to several health issues. The outcome could be quick and fatal.

Dangers of Wasp Sting and Symptoms

Painful Sensation

A wasp sting can cause mild to severe painful feeling due to its effect on the nerves. As the poison flows within the bloodstream it spreads to the nearest parts of the body causing a painful sensation. It could, however, fizzle out in some days without causing any further damage or discomfort.


The redness experienced after a wasp bite is due to the immune level of the individual. People react in different ways after a wasp sting. Due to the contact of the poison on the skin cells, it might cause redness as the venom keeps spreading around the closest point of contact. But within a few hours, the victim’s immune system should wade off the effect of the venom.

Itching Sensation

The itching sensation experienced after a wasp sting is due to the effect of the poison on the epidermis and other skin layers. As the venom spreads limitedly, the victim might keep experiencing the itchy feeling even beyond the area of the sting. If the victim scratches the stung area it could result in more severe situations. Further scratching could cause redness of the skin, itchy rashes and sore under severe conditions.

Severe Allergic Reactions to Wasp Sting

Severe allergic reactions to a wasp sting could cause anaphylaxis, which is, a shock. These reactions can start from as short as 30 minutes from the time of the wasp sting. Signs of anaphylactic shock include:

Breathing Difficulty

Wasp sting contains a poisonous substance that if it gets into the bloodstream could result in rapid pulsation. The immunity level of the victim will determine how mild or severe the difficulty would be. But a shortage of breathing and tightness of the chest could be one of the symptoms of a wasp sting.

Swelling or Inflammation

A wasp sting can result in the swelling of the throat, face or mouth depending on where the wasp stung the victim. The victim could also experience swollen eyes, eyelids, and tongue. Most wasp sting occurs around exposed parts of the body like the face, neck, and arm. Therefore, the victim suffers from swollen tissues around these regions which in most cases become red, itchy and painful.

Difficulty Swallowing

The victim could experience difficulty swallowing as well as wheezing when the venom disrupts the regular functions of the body neurons. Though it could be mild in most cases, the venom causes a strain on the organs.

Dizziness and Hazy Feeling

A sting from wasp could result in a stoppage of blood circulation, causing your blood pressure to drop. This can, in turn, cause the victim to feel dizzy, hazy and experience unsteady movement. The victim might likely become restless, anxious, unconscious and if not managed properly can suffer from cardiac arrest.

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Wasp Removal Richmond Hill gives you the benefit of availing our services seven days a week. We assure to confront and resolve some of the most challenging wasp problems you may be faced with. Our professional technicians are adequately equipped to carefully remove wasp nests and also provide wasp control services. Whether it is the safety of your home or your commercial complex, we provide permanent solutions for the eradication and control of wasps. Have professional exterminators remove the nest safely. Call: 647-360-6809