What to Do If You Found a Wasp Nest in Ground

Are you constantly annoyed by wasps? The most likely reasons why wasps are constantly present in your homestead could be because their nest is nearby or there is a food source. Contact our expert wasp removal services in Toronto: 647-360-6809

It is important to note that wasps are social insects and thus if a foraging wasp comes across food source in your garden, it will go back to the nest and recruit other wasps to join in the source of food. Therefore, if there are wasps in your house, you should first identify the problem. Begin by looking for a food source, which may attract them to your garden. Wasps feed on sweet foods and dead flesh. Ensure there are sweet foods lying about in your home including fruits and also ensure your bins are well covered.

The next step is to find the nest. In most occasions, the nest will not be visible but you can easily locate it by monitoring the movement of wasps. The nest will be hidden away behind a visible entrance but there will be large traffic of wasps in the entrance as they get in and out of the nest making it easy to locate. The location of the nest will vary based on the present type of wasps. Some wasps can build their nests inside a building by finding their way through small gaps and cracks while others like yellow jackets build their nests below ground.

To effectively remove wasps, you should get rid of the nest. However, before embarking on the procedure of dealing with the nest, it is important to remember that wasps are dangerous as they can sting multiple times. They will also attack anyone who ventures too close to the nest and thus, you should have protective clothing. Destroying a wasp nest in the ground is not difficult and you do not need any technical equipment other than your protective clothing. You may also need a wasp killer insecticide but you should try pouring a solution of water and soap first into the entrance.

If the water and soap solution fails to get rid of the wasps, you should apply a wasp killing insecticide on the nest entrance. When choosing the best insecticide, it is important to ensure it is cleared for use in soil or in lawns. It is also important to note that dust is more effective than liquid types as liquids may fail to reach the nest. Once the wasps are exterminated, you should cover the nest entrance with soil.

Depending on the time you get rid of the nest, you may continue to see wasps around the area for the rest of the day as some wasps may not have been in the nest during the process. However, that does not mean your procedure was unsuccessful.