Wasp Nest Control

4 Simple Tips on How To Eradicate Wasp Nests Around Your Swimming Pool

Most people have swimming pools around their homes where they cool themselves off during the hot summer. Unfortunately, wasps may decide to infest the pool, and it`s very common to see them landing on the water surface. Given that wasps inflict painful stings in both children and adults, it`s necessary to look for efficient methods of wasp removal Toronto. In this article, you are going to encounter four simple tips on how to eradicate wasp nests around your swimming pool.

Physically Get Rid of Wasp Nests near the Swimming Pool

Wasps fly around their nests. If you see wasps visiting your pool, therefore, it’s likely their nest is within reach. Usually, the flies build their nests on trees, mud, higher places such as the eaves of the houses, barns and so on. Locating their nests is relatively easier as you will note a swarm of them flying around the nest. Once you have identified the nest, you should your local insect control company to handle the task for you and your pool will be free of wasps.

Use of Diesel as Bait

Put a small amount of diesel into a soda bottle and then place it near the swimming pool. The bottle should not be closed and should also be placed out of reach of children. This method works on the fact that wasps are attracted to diesel fuel, and once they fly towards the fuel, they will enter inside and ultimately drown.

Use of Raw Meat as Bait

Another simple, yet effective method of completely getting rid of wasps around your pool involves hanging a piece of raw meat near the pool (50-70 feet away) and placing a basin full of water below it. Again, wasps are highly attracted to raw meat and will soon start flying towards it. Once they have eaten the flesh, they will head towards the basin to quench their thirst and eventually drown. Remember to add a few drops of dish detergent in the water to break the surface tension, making it easy for the insects to sink and drown.

Drown the Wasps in Your Swimming Pool

One more method of eradicating wasps around your pool involves drowning them. Often, you see the insects floating on the pool without drowning. This is because water has a force known as surface tension that must be broken for any object to sink. Heavy objects can break the tension but since wasps are very light, an alternative method of making them drown is adding a few drops of dish detergent to the water. The detergent weakens the surface tension and the wasps eventually sink and drown.

These are 4 tips on how to eradicate wasp nests around your swimming pool. Wasps around your pool should not stop you from cooling yourself in the pool anymore. For professional wasp control and removal services call;