Dealing with Wasps at Home

It is always advisable and wise to find natural ways of dealing with insects and pests before using poisonous chemicals to kill or remove them. Chemicals are truly fast in action and provide immediate and positive feedback but the side effects could be dangerous to you and those around you call our wasp removal services in Toronto.

For wasps, there are many natural ways of removing them from your home completely and stop them from being a nuisance and threatening to you. These methods are explained below.

Don’t Let them into Your Home

Like many other pests, wasps are attracted by high sugar foods and meat products. Therefore, to do away with them, ensure that food isn’t left around to attract them and ensure that all your trash cans are tightly sealed. Moreover, do not entertain smells or looks like those of flowers as these could still attract them.

Block Their Underground Nests

Wasps also know how to play safe and might at times build nests underground. If you have identified some, block them from accessing those nests. Identify all their entries and exits then encroach and seal them tightly at night and leave the seal for a few weeks. If you want to kill those insects, pour soapy water and they will all die.

Use a Fake Nest

Wasps will always move away if they think there is another colony of wasps near them thus even a fake wasp nest is enough to scare them away. They are very territorial and will not hesitate to migrate elsewhere when they know that someone else is within their neighbourhood.

Use a Sandwich Bag Filled With Penny and Water

There are claims that to wasps, the reflection from a bag of sandwich filled with penny and water is too bright for their specially designed eyes and will move away. Others also claim that to wasps, the bag looks like a dangerous spider web and they will flee from the place. Whichever claim is right, this trick truly works and successfully removes them.

Time Your Attack

If you decide to invade their nest using whatever method to remove them, then be careful to appropriately time when they are inactive. Do not attempt that on midday of a summer day because you might not meet your objective since they are aggressive and more active at that time. Wait for the coldest months to remove their nests. In fact, they all die at that time.

Generally, natural wasps control and removal tactics are very easy and safe than those other removal methods. However, be careful not to get rid of those honeybees that look like wasps. They are helpful. Be sure that you are dealing with wasps only.