are carpenter bees dangerous to humans

Are Carpenter Bees Dangerous To Humans

If there are holes in the wood soffit and you are woken up every morning by woodpeckers then there is a good chance you have carpenter bees. Carpenter bees are a frustrating infestation the destroys your house and risks dangerous bee stings that can activate allergies and result in deadly consequences. 

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carpenter bees dangerous to humans

Carpenter bees look like a black version of a bumblebee, only shiny, not fuzzy, they do have a fuzzy yellow thorax but that’s the end of the fuzziness in general. Only the female carpenter bee can sting which is a big difference with most other bees and this makes them slightly less dangerous but still unenjoyable to have on your property. Its sting is essentially the same as a bee sting and can be treated in the same way, remove the stinger, antiseptic ointment and a bandage. If the person has an allergic reaction you may need an EpiPen, and if you don’t have that, you will need an ambulance. 

The big difference between carpenter bees and other bees is that they make their nest in wood, hence carpenter bees. They drill through the wood but like carpenter ants, they do not eat it. Like bees, they eat nectar and feed it to their children in forms of bee bread. They lay their eggs in small caverns built into the tunnels and rooms of the nest and are sealed up for several days while the new bee matures. 

Males can’t sting but they are very aggressive. They will buzz around angrily and this will cause many people to wonder if they are truly dangerous. The reality is they are not. They will leave you alone unless you truly threaten you and they are a boon to the environment being one of few pollinators left on earth. So if you don’t like them you can prevent them or get rid of them by painting or varnishing the wood on your house or you can try using insecticides to kill them directly, either way, it’s a sad but necessary loss to the ecology of the world. 

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