How Do You Keep Wasps from Coming Back?

How Do You Keep Wasps from Coming Back?

How do you keep wasps from coming back into your home after investing so much financial resources with little results? Getting rid of wasp initially might seem as easy as using DIY or other natural home remedies until wasp resurfaces. There is always a tendency for the wasp to re-visit a pre-existing nest or area in your home. It is possible not all members of the colony were present when you sprayed the nest initially. But whatever the case, this might not be the best time to try out another DIY remedy. 

If you notice a wasp infestation or build up again, you should speak with a wasp removal Toronto professional. They know how to get rid of the yellow jacket, hornet, mud daubers, paper wasps, etc. in Canada. Our experts can help ascertain the level of risk and best practices in dealing with a wasp in the home permanently.

Wasp gets attracted to the home for several reasons. This article provides a detailed guide on what attracts wasp and what to do to keep wasp away from your home.

What Attracts Wasp Back Into Your Home?

If you want to keep wasps from coming back then it is necessary to understand what attracts them into your home at first. 

Food and water

Particularly during the spring and summer, wasps go hunting for protein-rich foods, fallen fruits from trees. Leaving a pool of water on the floor, a leaking sink, an open bowl of water all provide good water sources for the wasp. A wasp can perceive water as it vaporizes away.

Garbage Cans

Since wasp goes for varied food sources, even the leftovers, open cans, etc. in the garbage can serve as delicacies for wasp. Sugary fruits and berries also are inviting to the wasp. 


The winter usually comes with an unpleasantness for the wasp. However, to survive the season wasp usually hibernates and comes back to life in full swing once the spring and summer approaches. Wasp normally lives in the attic, wall cavities, voids, underground, etc. of your home to find warmth and shelter.

6 Methods to Keep Wasp from Coming Back to Your Home

Seal of any entry Points

The eaves, sidings, insulation and vent systems can become weak due to wear and tear. Also, the areas around the doors and windows could develop small gaps or openings large enough for the wasp. It is time to make repairs, fixing the basement, attic, roof and other access points to keep wasps from coming back. Cover under the roof of the birdhouse with aluminum foil to prevent wasp nesting.

Spray insecticides for wasp

The purpose is to ensure your home becomes unfriendly for the wasp to come in or stay whenever they visit. And using insecticides containing 1- Methylethoxy or Tetramethin active ingredients can help keep wasps from coming back. Read the manufacturer’s manual before commencing the process. Also, spray around the eaves, siding and other entry points to prevent wasp come back.

Eliminate all food sources

Yes, you must eat but not the wasp in your home. Wasp requires good energy to fly if not they will die of starvation if they cannot access food regularly. Having leftovers and other food sources exposed is an open invitation for wasps. Wasps and hornet love berries, sweet and protein foods. Keep such items in tightly sealed bags or containers to avoid wasp from coming into your attic or home. Store fresh fruits in refrigerator as leaving them on the cabinet, the aroma will attract wasps.

Do not forget to cover pet food, open garbage, soda cans or sugary substances, etc. around the yard. Particularly, during summer and fall, wasps eat more sweet foods as high-energy foods become scarce.

Make Surroundings Wasp-Free

You can make the area around the pool, birdbath, mulch, plants, and other flowers or shrubs wasp-free. Spraying aerosol Pyrethrum once a day around the pool or plant will help keep wasps from coming back to your home or yard. Aerosol Pyrethrum is safe for humans and pets so you have no reason to worry.

For woods within your property; backyard or wooden decks, it is best to use Cypermethrin chemicals. Woods usually have a smell that attracts wasps. Once the wood is close to the ground like your deck it becomes moist and a safe-haven for wasps. But spraying Cypermethrin chemicals on the deck one or two times a month will help keep wasps from coming back.

Natural Home Remedy for Wasp

DIY remedies for wasp can help provide some preventive solutions for wasp infestation. Get a coffee can and make a wasp trap to place close to the nest area. The natural ingredients include beer, a paste of sweet fruits, jam, orange juice, and water. Create a quarter-inch hole in the lid of the coffee can. After placing the mixture into the can, close the can properly. Put the can by the door or window to attract the wasp into it. Once wasps get into the coffee can, it will be difficult to come out. Therefore, the wasp will get trapped inside the can and die. For bird nest, you can apply ordinary bar soap underneath the roof of the birdhouse to repel wasp. The scent of the bar soap can last all through the summer.

However, natural home remedies or Do-It-Yourself methods for getting rid of wasp usually do not produce lasting solutions. They are only used as temporal measures. For more active and lasting solutions call in the services of a wasp removal company today.

Install a Fake Nest

Wasps are territorial animals. Once you install a fake nest around the area where you removed the fake one, the wasp assumes they have been displaced by another group. And they just might leave you alone.

This article in on how do you keep wasps from coming back. But in the final analysis, the value of taking preventive measures will always outweigh curative measures. And the best measure for a lasting solution when dealing with wasp is to seek professional wasp removal company service help today. A pest control expert can better assess the situation, offer useful and affordable advice on how to get rid of wasp today and stay wasp-free always.