carpenter bee facts and control

Carpenter Bee facts and control

Carpenter bees are not quite bees in the literal sense. They are something else. They tunnel and make their nests in wood-like Carpenter ants, hence the name, they are very dangerous to the house but are not a threat to humans really and are very necessary pollinators. They make individual partitions in the wood to lay their eggs in and rarely pose a threat to anyone. But due to the damage, they can cause to a house they are generally considered a threat and a pest and most people want them gone. This of course is not true. They are not a threat and are a great benefit to the planet as pollinators. 

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biology and habits of carpenter bees

The abdomen of the normal carpenter bee is black and shiny but the thorax is yellow and very fuzzy like a stuffed animal. This makes the illusion of a normal bee complete but they are very much not honey bees. The males often don’t have stingers but the females do and will use them when needed so don’t interfere with the nest if you aren’t about to destroy it with insecticide. If you are scared of doing it on your own you can always call the professionals to do it.

If you see the bees hanging around your house or some other wooden structure then you can be sure that that is where the nest is located. But don’t rush in guns blazing. You need to take note of where it is and make a plan to destroy it when the bees are least aware. This is because the bees tend to only be awake in the day time, and like wasps, go to sleep at night. This is one reason its rare to see bees or wasps at night time. And it’s a great help when trying to kill the nest because all the bees will be there at the same time. 

Preventative measures can also help to stop them from coming in the first place. You can use pesticides but these bees are helpful pollinators. Its instead recommended that if you have an infestation you should paint over all the wood on your property to prevent the bees from accessing it. Leave no wood unpainted and you should be fully protected against carpenter bees. If you do want them gone for good you can try using insecticide and that will work, but think about the health of the planet before you chose to kill them.