do carpenter bee traps work

Do Carpenter Bee Traps Work?

Carpenter bees are a nasty infestation that can ruin your house but they can also be a boon to the environment. A difficult question. Get rid of the bees when around the world bees are dying by the thousands or keep your house. Luckily some devices allow you to do both. Human traps and ways to keep the bees at bay. The life of a carpenter bee starts in the deep recesses of a catacomb-like tunnel.

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The egg of a bee sits atop bee bread in a sealed-off area like a sarcophagus. The egg hatches and then the larva eats the bread. They then enter the pupa stage and grow into actual bees. They will then break out of their hole and grow in the full span of 7 weeks into an adult carpenter bee. Males will mate with females to make eggs and then flutter around the nest to keep it safe. The females will build tunnels and lay eggs on bee bread and seal the hole with chewed wood pulp. 


The best way to keep bees off your house is to paint and varnish raw wood. Raw wood is the carpenter bees best friend, like the drip edge which is their favorite spot to build nests. They are also fond of window frames and door frames and decks and gazebos. Anywhere with raw wood, especially old raw wood. They will drill holes in it and infest it till it falls apart. So get that paint and varnish and cover your home in a thick layer of protection against the aggressive carpenter bees. 

There are several options when it comes to repelling, trapping, or relocating carpenter bees. You can start with a bee hotel. This device is a box filled with wood that carpenter bees love. If you already have an infestation you may have to coax the bees to the hotel but once they are there they will not bother you again. If you want to deal with it by trapping all you need is a wooden box with a dime-sized hole attached to a mason jar at the bottom. The bees are attracted to light so they will fly in and get stuck in the mason jar. Great trap that can be very effective if used right. 

While they are a pest they are also important pollinators and some flowers can only be pollinated by them, this makes them a valuable addition to any garden and if you can get them away from your house you may just end up loving carpenter bees.