Difference between wasp and hornet's nest

Difference between wasp and hornet’s nest

Wasps and hornets are often mistaken for each other. Wasps, however, are normally more colorful and smaller than hornets. Their sting is also far less aggressive and painful than hornets and far less likely to kill you when a swarm attacks. However, both insects are incredibly dangerous and deadly and if you have them on your property you should act immediately to get rid of them as soon as you can. You can do it on your own or with the help of professionals but there is no time like the present and in this case, your life does depend on it. 

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Identifying a nest is not an easy job. Unless you can cut the nest open and look inside its going to be hard to tell. Hornets tend to build large globular nests high in trees with large central chambers coated in a paper-like material while wasps will build a nest essentially anywhere. In a tree, underground or even in a wall. Hornets are less likely to do this but it is still something they are likely to do. The wasp nest is also usually much smaller and much less high up in the tree. They also may make individual nests like paper wasps in holes in the ground often made by rodents. The wasp will dig up the soil for grubs and sting them and then lay an egg. The egg will hatch and eat the grub and grow strong enough to start its life cycle. In a nest, this happens rapidly with thousands of eggs at a time. If you aren’t careful you could be rapidly overrun in no time. 

Wasps are also much smaller than hornets and far less aggressive, though they will try to kill you if you interfere with their nest. They are also generally more colourful, with a weaker sting and a smarter brain. Wasps are capable of remembering human faces and when someone pisses them off they remember and will actually avoid other humans and fly directly at the target they are angry with. Hornets are not too smart but much more dangerous. A hornet sting is debilitating on its own. Multiple stings can send you to the hospital or even end your life. So take a nest seriously, it could be anything and make sure to call a professional, if not to remove it, to at least identify it.