Do It Yourself Remedies for Getting Rid Of Wasp in Your House

Do It Yourself Remedies for Getting Rid Of Wasp in Your House

Wasps are not one of man’s best friends hence people sometimes adopt Do It Yourself remedies for getting rid of wasp in your house. These buzzers and stingers one way or the other find their way into the house in search of warmth or shelter. Food and water are part of the other reasons for which wasp come in. However, their presence in the home could result in a wasp sting. And that’s the reason for natural home remedies or Do-It-Yourself measures to get rid of wasp in the home. But do DIY for wasp removal Mississauga work? This article explores some Do-It-Yourself remedies for dealing with wasp.

While we explore DIY measures, we also recommend seeking professional wasp removal company service help for better results.

What is a wasp?

Wasps are small insects measuring about 10 to 25 mm or .4 to 1.6 inches long with over 30,000 species worldwide. They reside in both urban and rural centers, farmlands, homes, underground and abandoned buildings. Wasps are winged insects with six legs, two antennas, a head, thorax, and abdomen. Their colour usually ranges from yellow and black to white and black with the European hornets (Vespa crabro) wasp having a touch of red. The stomach usually possesses a black and white or yellow band. Canada also has 550 species of wasps and three common ones. 

Some wasps are harmless, while others sting painfully, resulting in fatality. The most common and harmful wasp found in Canada includes the Hornet, yellow jacket, hornet, paper wasp, mud daubers, etc. Wasp belongs to the same family as the bee but is distant relatives. 

How Do Wasps Get in Your House?

The wasp does not appear in your house suddenly. They find an opening and then use it to come in. Something within attracts wasp in your house and they make use of the available openings to come in. Wasps are normally more active once it gets to the springtime and early summer. They will build their nest under shades, maybe to avoid the heat or cold and use that avenue to get inside the house once there is an opening. Some inlets to your house for wasp include:

  • Open doors, windows, vents.
  • Weak and exposed eaves, vinyl siding
  • The weak structure around the decking
  • Openings between wood panels, gutters, and shingles
  • Chimney flue
  • Attic, roof.
  • Bathroom exhaust vent

Pre-commencement Measures

Before carrying out any wasp removal process you need to take some precautionary measures. 

  • Investigate to be sure the type of wasp in your house.
  • Put on protective gears like; overall, thick sweater and shirt, jeans pants, leather boots, scarf around your neck and glasses.
  • Clear out any item that could make you fall or endanger any member of your household while trying to get rid of wasp.
  • Be sure you are not allergic to a wasp sting in case you happen to get stung.
  • Seek professional advice on the best measure to get rid of wasp from your house.

7 Do It Yourself Remedies for Getting Rid of Wasp in Your House


Are you thinking of hitting a wasp nest with a stick or just carrying the nest out? If I were you, I wouldn’t as it makes wasp aggressive. When they feel threatened, you become prone to a wasp sting.

Soap and hot water

Wasps are not that strong to withstand hot water. When you add any dishwasher soap to the hot water, the soap helps suffocate them. As long as you can identify the wasp nest, pour any liquid soap in hot water. Then pour the concentrate into a hose-end sprayer. Put some distance between you and the wasp nest and spray the nest. Make sure to spray through the openings till the wasp nest is completely drenched. Also, leave the nest for 6 hours and go back to carefully verify if there are any living wasps left.

Essential Oils as Repellant

Get 5 ml of peppermint, lemongrass or citronella oil, 4 ounces each of water and vinegar. Then pour the mixture into a hose-end sprayer. You can mix with a little water. Then spray the nest entry points. Wasps do not like these essential oils scent and it should kill them. 

If you have warm wood, you can use it as an alternative or addition to the oils. It contains absinthe which can kill the wasp. 

Mint, Apple Cider, and Witch Hazel

Combining mint, apple cider and witch hazel provides an excellent mixture to get rid of wasp in your house. Use the same procedure as the essential oil.

Spicy Pepper

Using the same procedure as the essential oils, make a mixture of spicy chili pepper to get rid of wasp in your house.

Nest drowning technique

The nest drowning method works best if the nest is built on the wall. It should however hang loosely on the roof or in the attic. Take a cloth bag and quickly wrap the nest while sealing off the mouth of the bag. Submerge the bag containing the wasp nest in a big bowl of water to cover it completely. Place something heavy on the nest to secure it to the bottom of the bowl of water. Leave it for some hours to be sure all the wasp in the nest would have died. And dispose of the nest afterward.

Sugar and Water Repellant

Mix apple cider vinegar and water of about equal portion. Add one cup of sugar into the mixture. Cut open two plastic bottles at the top and use duct tape to join the bottles together. Place the bottle close to the wasp nest or entry point. The sugar will attract the wasp in but the vinegar will do the killing.

How Effective Is Do It Yourself Remedies For Getting Rid Of Wasp in Your House

Natural home remedies are good ways of getting rid of wasp in your house when you notice a mild infestation of wasp. However, these measures could pose some risk of getting stung by wasp if not handled properly. They only provide a temporal solution to dealing with wasp. Also, you probably might not spot all the wasp locations in your house.

Do It Yourself remedies for getting rid of wasp in your house only provide half-answers to the problem of wasp infestation. Using the wrong method might only worsen the situation as wasp can always trail their way to a former infested area. Seeking a professional wasp removal and control company help will guarantee an affordable and permanent solution to wasp infestation.