How is a paper wasp nest made

The paper wasp is a fascinating insect that makes a nest that looks more like a modern piece of art than it does an insect nest. Frankly, tiffanies should imitate it for their light fixtures. The paper wasp builds their strange circular nests out of the wood pulp and saliva.

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When completed it will look like a honeycomb but with the grey coloring. The wasp will then proceed to lay eggs into each of the cavities. One larva per cavity with a meal of chewed up caterpillar to help them grow and transform into an adult wasp. Wasps are very caring parents and protect their children for an extended period. The paper wasp is commonly found in holes pre-dug by rodents and abandoned. They will enter the hole and build a nest. They also enjoy building nests in attics, basements, under decks, and on overhangs. They will also build them in holes in trees or even on branches if they are feeling lucky. Birds love wasps and love eating their larva even more. 

The life cycle of most wasps is about one year. Unless they are a queen or a solitary wasp in which case they will often survive the winter by hibernating in a sealed-off area like behind tree bark. For large nests, all the wasps except for the queen die and the queen hibernates with stored semen to start a new nest in the spring. 

Now if you have one of these wasps in your home or on your property you don’t have to worry too much, its solitary and not likely to attack anyone unless you directly threaten their nest and they are also very easy to kill. A few sprays of soapy water can kill them in seconds and the nest can be killed in the same way. You can also burn the nest but do not do this if the nest is attached to or near wood as you could start a terrible fire using this method. If you have other kinds of nests on your property, maybe a large hanging yellowjacket nest or a difficult to access nest of black giant hornets you may have to take the situation to the professionals. Here at Wasp Control, we have all the tools of the trade needed to get rid of your wasp nest in less than an hour. We can kill it, bag it and dispose of it. Don’t try it yourself, especially if you need a ladder, call the professional technicians at Wasp Control for all your wasp extermination needs.