How serious is a carpenter bee sting

How serious is a carpenter bee sting

Carpenter bees are a complex and rather astounding insect. They, like other bees, are pollinators and the only pollinators of several specific plants. They tunnel into wood using powerful incisors and spit the pulp out a hole, along with poop and bits of bees, this is called Frass and it smells and looks horrible.

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Carpenter bees tend to not be interested in panted or varnished wood and are almost exclusively interested in raw wood. Their favorite place to nest is the drip edge of houses with its raw wood opening and perfect grain pattern for building a nice nest for the carpenter bee larva. The females do all of the work. They make the honey and bee bread, they build the tunnels and they lay the eggs and seal the entryways to protect them. The male’s mate. That’s it. They cannot even sting. All they can do to get you away from the nest is buzz around your head. The females however don’t just have stingers but are very much willing to use them if the nest is threatened in any way. They are highly aggressive and willing to attack in a swarm so be careful. The sting of a carpenter bee is no more painful than a normal bee sting but with their aggression, they attack like wasps and may sting in a large group risking you a visit to the hospital and possible severe complications from the damage and the venom. 

That being said they are important members of the ecosystem and even though they are considered pests they are still treated like bees. The issue is when they get into the suburbs and start infesting people’s houses and decks. They are a dangerous pest, they can destroy wood rapidly and cause your house to become unsafe to live in. 

If you have a carpenter bee infestation there is a lot you can do to get rid of them. You can paint over raw wood and varnish it to keep them from making tunnels and you can use an insecticide to kill off the ones flying around the yard. They are easy to kill and the males are not a threat at all. If you need help you can call the professionals at Wasp Control. With our help, your carpenter bee issue will be a thing of the past. It doesn’t matter where they are, we will get them out and prevent them from coming back.