how to differentiate between bee and wasp nest

How to Differentiate Between Bee and Wasp Nest

Bees and wasps are similar creatures from a shared evolutionary line. However, they diverged some eons ago and on species took the path of peace and honey making while the other took the path of eating said, peaceful honey makers, well not peaceful, they are from African and can be aggressive. Native bees nest in the ground, not in trees. Wasps, especially yellowjackets, love to hunt bees. A whole nest of wasps will swarm a bees nest and kill everything, eat the bees, eat the larva and even eat the honey. Unlike the Japanese Murder Hornet which can be easily killed by a Japanese beehive, our American bees have no defence against a wasp attack.

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how to differentiate between wasp and bee nest

If you have bees on your property, unless it has become a serious threat to you and your family, like one or more of you having an allergy to the sting, you should leave them be. They are a benefit to the environment and most exterminators refuse to kill them. Wasps however are not helpful to the environment in any way and harm it by killing bees. Wasps are considered a pest and can be exterminated quite easily. It turns out being big and strong isn’t that great when you can be killed with one spray of Lysol. 

Now bees nest in a very obvious looking hive. It tends to have a “honeycomb” appearance like the device used to scoop honey out of a jar. They are aesthetically pleasing and not particularly threatening to look at. The papery hive of wasps on the other hand, with its oblong shape and forboding dark maw, is a very threatening thing to come across and looks like something out of the Blair Witch Project. Frightening indeed. Thankfully, as noted above, a wasp nest is a very easy thing to kill. Depending on the size of the nest and the hight of the nest you can try killing it yourself or call a professional. If it is ground level and can be reached without a ladder and its not too big then you can probably take care of it yourself with some sturdy clothing and gardening gloves and two cans of strong wasp insecticide. You want to do it at night when the wasps are asleep and then empty both containers into the nest at the same time, don’t stop spraying. You can then pull the nest down and dispose of it. The residual vapor of insecticide should kill off any errant wasps. Now if it’s huge, high up, and impossible to reach you should call the professionals at Wasp Control. Our technicians are at heights trained and licensed for handling wasps. They can kill the nest, wherever it is, and remove it. Don’t wait, call now.