how to deter wasps

How to deter wasps

Wasps are a very frustrating infestation that can be incredibly dangerous to you and your family. They can sting you once and cause incredible pain or sting you en mass and possibly kill you. There are many different types of wasps some are friendly and some are very dangerous. 

best ways to deter wasps

If you suspect a wasp presence anywhere near or on your property, contact wasp removal service Toronto for quick and safe removal.

Yellowjackets are some of the most dangerous wasps to have on your property. If they build a full nest it can contain up to 40 thousand wasps and if they attack a human they can do major damage and even kill them. Yellowjackets get their name because they try to imitate the appearance of bees. So in a sense, they are wearing a yellow jacket. The reality is these wasps are the primary predator of bees. They can kill an entire hive in hours and consume the bees, the larva, and even the honey in one swift attack. They are also more than willing to attack you or anything else if it comes near their nest. They are aggressive and dangerous and there is always a lot of them. To kill their nest you will need to bring heavy-duty clothing and heavy-duty insecticide. Two cans, emptied into the mouth of the nest without stopping will kill the nest. You can then take it down and dispose of it. Do this at night when they are sleeping. 

Mud daubers are not a menace in any way. They are non-aggressive and prefer to move to a new spot when their nest is destroyed than try to start a fight. They are great for the garden and eat all sorts of bad insects and they are very talented at building nests out of the mud. They are loners and don’t form groups, though several daubers may use the same spot at the same time. They will not interfere with each other at all and are essentially the hippies of the wasp world. 

Great Black Hornet. Okay, so it’s not a wasp but this thing is a demonstration of how nasty mother nature can be. One sting can send a person to the hospital and multiple stings are almost always fatal. This insect is one of the most dangerous things in America and it can kill rodents and small birds as well. If you have them on your property you need to get rid of them ASAP.