How to get rid of mud dauber wasps

How to get rid of mud dauber wasps

Ah, the faithful Mud Dauber. If you want to get rid of them that is fine, but I wouldn’t bother. Mud Daubers are not like other wasps. They are extremely calm and non-aggressive. They will happily move on when their nest is destroyed and make a new one instead of trying to fight off whatever predator destroyed it.

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The mud wasps make their nests and homes in mud, hence the name. They are a boon to both your garden and your home. They eat most insects from spiders to bees and beyond and they protect your garden from insects that want to eat it and ruin it. They may even go after a mouse or a squirrel that tries to eat your veggies. Your friendly neighborhood mud dauber. Always there for you. 

That being said. They are still wasps and still a danger to adults, children, and pets. They can still sting you, though it is very unlikely and while they don’t build large nests they can increase their population to unreasonable levels that can interfere with your enjoyment of your yard. But not to fear. There are some very easy ways to get rid of mud daubers. The easiest method is dealing with whatever is causing your ground in that area to be muddy. Try planting grass or cover it in gravel to keep the wasps away from the mud. You can also kill the mud daubers and their nests of eggs with a simple spray of insecticide or powdered insecticide sprinkled generously over the area. 

This should effectively remove them from your property but they are not the only wasps in the world. If you think mud daubers are bad pray you never have yellowjackets on your property. They build nests of up to 30 thousand wasps and can swarm a person a kill them in moments with hundreds of stings. They can invade whole beehives and kill every last bee, every larva, and even consume the honey. They are a truly dangerous insect that should be dealt with right away. But how do you handle large wasp nests? Insecticide powder? No. You need two cants of the most powerful insecticide you can buy and you need to unload both of them, at the same time, into the entrance of the nest and keep spraying till the cans are empty.