How to inspect property from a carpenter bee infestation

How to inspect property from a carpenter bee infestation

Carpenter bees are not your average bee. They do not live in a hive or the ground, they are not from Africa and they are not producing any honey for human consumption. They are considered a pest unlike most pollinating bees and are not helpful to the ecosystem in any specific way. They are also aggressive and the females will sting if threatened. So avoid them if they are on your property. 

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If carpenter bees have gotten into your home it is often through the drip edge, however, they can infest any area with raw, untreated wood. They burrow catacomb-like tunnels through the wood, laying eggs in a department like hole with food and seal them up. The males tend to hunt and the females tend to drill and protect the nest with their stingers. They tend to hover around wooden areas and then drop down and inspect. If they find good wood to drill into they will start to burrow, if not they will move on and hover somewhere else by wood. This is a good sign they are not bumblebees. And a good chance to watch them and see where they have nested. If you can find that the job of getting rid of them is much easier. 

If you want to prevent carpenter bees there are a lot of easy things you can do. Make sure to paint all of the raw untreated wood on your property, fences, decks (both sides), and any raw wood on your house. Make sure to varnish it so the paint lasts a long time and is not easily penetrable. If you do this the carpenter bees will die when they try to burrow into the wood and will abandon the project. They are very tenacious though, and some places on your house cannot be painted without disassembling the entire house. So you will also want to call on an exterminator every spring to do a full inspection for carpenter bee entryways around your home. If they are found, they can be exterminated and removed but the damage to the wood is not so easy to fix, so get inspections often to protect your home from the extensive damage a carpenter bee infestation can cause. 

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