how to treat carpenter bee holes

How to treat carpenter bee holes

Identifying a nesting site for carpenter bees is not easy. They tend to avoid obvious places and go for places that are hard to reach like drip edges. They also love any type of raw untreated wood. They will hover around and land to feel the wood texture and grain and then decide if they want to drill there. If they do they will bore a dime-sized hole and begging building a nesting tunnel that looks something like a catacomb with spaces for laying eggs. The females will mate with the stinger fewer males and then lay their egg on top of honey-like material called bee bread. They then seal the hole with chewed wood pulp. The larva with eat the food and grow until it can break out of the hole and grow to a full-sized bee. 

If you suspect a carpenter bee holes anywhere in your wooden beams or any wooden frames, contact carpenter bee removal Toronto for quick and safe removal.

best practices to treat carpenter bee holes

There are many methods to stop these bees from boring holes. The bee hotel is a wooden house-like structure you can hang on a tree. The wood is soft and easy to bore and is a good choice to attract carpenter bees away from your home. Because they are such great pollinators they are a very valuable addition to a garden but can wreck your home without a bee hotel. 

The best way to prevent them is to paint over and varnish as much raw wood on your property that you can. It won’t be perfect because there are places you can’t reach but you can limit the bees choices and with some other pest management tools you can keep them off your house and in your garden. 

Citrus oil will keep them out of your yard, along with rodents and deer. It is powerful in its scent and will chase off a lot of wildlife, so only use it if the situation is dire. Otherwise, you will end up with no animals on your property at all!

When you do find bee holes in your wood you should fill them right away with sawdust and wood glue. Get a stick and shove the sawdust and glue as deep into the hole as you can. Do this to every hole you find and the bees will quickly die without oxygen, food, and light. This is one of the most effective but also the hardest method. 

Then of course you can call a professional who can get rid of the bees and then seal up the holes for future bee protection. If this is something you are interested in then call Wasp Control today, we can get rid of those bees fast and leave you with the peace of mind that only comes from professional work.