How to remove wasps nest around a window frame

How to remove wasps nest around a window frame

Many people have issues with wasps nesting in their soffits, under the eaves in the drip edge and even in window frames. When they infest a window frame it can be difficult to get rid of them but there are several ways, including calling a professional. Below are some ways you can get rid of wasps in your window frames and some of the wasps that live there. 

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It’s important that if you have a wasp infestation in your window then you should close it and stop using it right away. Stay away from it unless you plan on destroying the nest. The wasps are extremely aggressive and will happily attack anyone that approaches their nest. Animals are in special danger as they try to eat them and can get stung multiple times in the mouth and throat and then choke from lack of oxygen so it is very important to get rid of wasps if you have them. 

Now wasps are super aggressive, they are so aggressive that anything that seems like a threat must be destroyed. This is why a bug zapper hung near the nesting site can be a very helpful idea. The wasps will see it as an enemy when it kills a wasp and will attack it relentlessly in an all-out war. The wasps won’t stop until every last one of them is dead. Though this can take time and if they ignore it then it’s just a waste but its a good option for people who are having a minor wasp issue. 

An obvious choice is to spray the area with insecticide but this may backfire, the insecticide spray won’t be aimed at a nest entrance so it will spray all over the place and possibly not kill any of the wasps. Those wasps may then decide to attack you. So avoid spraying insecticide in the area. 

You may also come across a solitary wasp called the grass carrying wasp. These wasps build their nest often in the tracks of storm windows and also in hollow plant stems and other places. They build a nest from the grass they harvest. They are not as aggressive as yellowjackets but will need to be removed likely by a professional. If you need professional help then call Wasp Control. Our technicians are licensed and insured for wasp treatments anywhere and at any height. So call us now and we can get rid of any wasp issue just like that!