What do you do when a wasp or hornet stings your dog_

What do you do when a wasp or hornet stings your dog.

Dogs are not the smartest animals on earth. They may seem smart when they catch the ball and bring it back to you but they are also dumb enough to shove their face into the porcupines back. So think about that for a moment. When your dog plays outside he is not aware of any of the dangers, so as an owner it is your job to protect your pet from these outdoor threats. If you are not careful your children’s best friend could end up at the vet, or worse, buried in the garden by the shed. So make sure to deal with any danger on your property that could harm your dog. Including wasps and hornets.

If you suspect that a bee or hornet has stung your dog go to a vet immediately. To remove the nest, contact wasp removal Toronto for quick and safe removal.

Wasps come in a range of different types. The most common ones in America are yellowjacket wasps, mud daubers, and paper wasps. Paper wasps are known for making their nests out of what looks like paper in the form of a semi-sphere. That is where they spend their nights. The mud dauber is a non-aggressive wasp that lives and lays eggs in mud. If they are attacked or if their nest is destroyed they are more likely to move on and start over than get angry and attack the insurgent. For this reason, it is recommended that you not bother if you have mud daubers. Yellowjackets are very different. Living in nests of up to 50 thousand they can cause enormous damage to any living thing and easily kill someone with a swarm of stings. Dogs, being very stupid will also try to eat the wasp, this will result in them getting stung in the mouth which is very very painful and very problematic because the dog will not be able to eat. So if you have wasps on your property you will have to get rid of them through any means necessary. Mud daubers and all. That is if you want a safe space for your little furry buddy to play. 

They are often stung in the face because dogs tend to inspect things too closely. They can be stung in the eye and possibly lose their vision or inside their throat which can cause them to choke and die. So if you have a nest on your property you will need to get rid of it either on your own or with the help of professionals like the ones at Wasp Control. Our technicians are licensed and trained to handle any kind of wasp or hornet situation.