yellow jacket removal

What happens if a wasp stinger is not removed.

Wasps are a threatening and aggressive species, their stings are painful but not deadly in small doses. Allergies can aggravate a sting but most people with allergies will carry an EpiPen and should be okay once dosed. However, the real danger is not in the parks and the forests, it’s on your front lawn. Having a wasp nest on your property can be very frustrating and even extremely dangerous. If it’s a large nest like a yellow jacket nest or possibly something worse your family could be in great danger from the possibility of a wasp sting. 

If you suspect wasp presence anywhere near or on your property, contact wasp removal Mississauga for quick and safe removal. If you have been stung seek medical assistance immediately.

Wasps like yellowjackets tend to make large nests either in the ground, on a wall, or hanging from an overhang or a tree branch. They may also make their nests inside the walls of a house, in soffits, and behind aluminium siding which is alarmingly common. Now, this may sound frightening but no matter where they are they can be killed. As it turns out, the big threatening wasp isn’t so big after all, killing them is one of the easiest things in the world, sprits of soap and water will take them out in seconds. So don’t panic if a wasp flies into your kitchen but do panic if you have a huge wasp nest on your property with thousands of wasps chasing your pets and children around the yard in swarms. If that’s the situation then you need to get it dealt with and FAST. 

Now, wasp stings hurt like hell, and while a stinger can break off and continue to inject venom into you for a short time then you should take it out because it can also cause sepsis from the dirt on it. However, wasp stingers do not come out like bee stingers. They stay in and allow the wasp to sting the same subject multiple times. Wasps are very aggressive so it is best to avoid them. If you cant, if they are on your property and there is nothing you can do to get rid of them then you can call the professionals at Wasp Control. Our technicians are highly trained and licensed for handling wasps and carpenter bees and even hornets. If you have a nest, in your home, in your wall or even high in a tree we can get rid of it, permanently and provide an extensive warranty that will guarantee that nest will be gone forever.