Why call professionals for a carpenter bee infestation

Why call professionals for a carpenter bee infestation

Carpenter bees are hard to find

Carpenter bees are not an easy thing to find. They tend to burrow deep into raw wood and can remain hidden for a long time. They are fond of the drip edge of houses and anywhere that they can burrow which is anywhere with raw wood. The males tend to float around the nest which makes the nest pretty easy to find but the females tend to hover around over wood, land, and test it for tunneling prospects, and if its good she will burrow, if not she will move on. They make these tunnels to protect their larval until it develops into a fully grown carpenter bee. If you can get to these holes and seal them off then you can stop the infestation in its tracks, make sure to paint and varnish all the raw wood on your property as well. 

If you suspect a carpenter bee presence anywhere near or on your property, contact carpenter bee removal Mississauga for quick and safe removal.

They are aggressive

Female carpenter bees are also very aggressive and not afraid to sting someone who is near their nest. Only female bees can sting and they do die after stinging but if you are allergic then just one sting can be horribly painful and even fatal. 

Life cycle

The female bees place their eggs in the tunnels in little holes to the side, she will lay down some bee bread and then lay an egg on it and seal the hole up with chewed wood pulp. It takes 7 weeks for the larva to grow into a fully adult carpenter bee. 

Danger to your home

These bees can damage your home very badly if they infest your deck you may find your foot going through aboard, the injuries are real, from falling pieces of your house to collapsing walls. These bees, if given the time, can destroy everything you built in their endless drive to reproduce. 

Traps and painting

You can deal with the bees by painting and varnishing raw wood on your house and you can use traps like a wooden box and a mason jar to catch them. You can also just kill them off with insecticide but whatever you do you need to get them out of your house before they do irreparable damage. 

Need for professionals

If you have a carpenter bee infestation the best way to get rid of them is to call the professionals at Wasp Control. Our technicians are highly trained and licensed and insured to deal with all carpenter bee and wasp issues. Call us now for a free inspection!.