What type of wasps build nests in the ground

What type of wasps build nests in the ground

Wasps nest in all kinds of places but did you know a commonplace for them to nest is in the ground? The great gold wasp burrows in the sand and the mud dauber burrows in mud to build nests. The yellowjacket can make above-ground nests but often they prefer underground for protection. There are all kinds of wasps and hornets and they all have their nest types. Some are aggressive, some are benign. But they all are pollinators and all can help the ecosystem. 

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The mud dauber is perhaps the most famous wasp in that it is entirely non-aggressive. Destroy its nest, swat at it, do as you like, it will not attack you it will just run away. If you have these little wasps in your yard making nests in wet soil and mud leave them alone, they will not attack you and they will protect your yard from much more dangerous insects. Like most wasps, the benefits outweigh the costs. So think carefully when you want to remove them and make sure to learn what kind they are. Yellowjackets are aggressive, paper wasps are calm. Mud daubers will stay away from you and hornets are a whole different story. If you leave them alone they will do the same. 

Almost all wasps are pollinators and important members of the ecosystem in which they live. Killing them is a last resort if they are bothering your family and putting them in danger. If you can, leave them be and allow them to kill pests that ruin your garden and take out anything that may harm your property. Stay away from their nest and they will not bother you. You can even have basic wasp traps to catch the ones that come to close. But they are a benefit even if they are a danger. If they are on a tree they are much less of a threat. If they are on or in your house you will have to have them removed but that is the way life is, you must protect your family from danger. 

If you want to remove one of these nests most of them just need a light spray of insecticide. The paper wasps nest can be moved easily with a jar and piece of wood and the mud daubers are no threat to anyone. But if you have a big nest of yellow jackets you may want to call the professionals at Wasp Control, we can remove the nest after killing it and leave a residual spray that lasts. So don’t try to do it yourself when there is a big nest. Trust the professionals. We know what we are doing.