common wasp types in toronto

Common Wasp Types in Toronto

Toronto is not alone in the world in having a lot of wasps. Some Asian countries have to deal with much worse stinging insects that are far more lethal than our basic wasps and hornets. Our pleasure and the reason our insects are so much less dangerous is their limited time to function in the year. Every year a wasp nest dies and the queen has to wait the whole winter and then start all over again. Now in warm countries that have no winter these wasps can grow and grow and grow their nest forever, and their bodies. But here in Canada, we are lucky and wasp nests can only grow so big before they die and leave us alone. That being said, don’t leave a nest up if you don’t have to. You can always get rid of it if the insects are bothering you and your family. 

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what are common wasp types in toronto


hornet removal toronto

Hornets are not wasps but they function similarly. They can make huge nests of up to ten thousand wasps or hang out on their own in a burrow made and abandoned by a rodent. They are highly dangerous and a few stings can send you to hospital, it doesn’t take a swarm for hornets to kill you. 

Papaer Wasps :

paper wasps

Paper wasps are loners. They make their nests in spheres of paper either on a surface or in the ground. They tend not to be too much of an issue but if there is more than one they can be a serious problem. It’s best to remove them or to have them removed because it can grow into a dangerous situation rather quickly. 

Mud daubers:

mud daubers

Mud daubers are the innocent non-aggressive wasp of the insect world. Misunderstood and despised for their relation to other wasps mud daubers spend their time building nests in mud and keeping to themselves. They will not attack you for any reason, even if you try to kill them or destroy their nest. They just fly off and make a new one. 


yellow jackets

Yellowjackets tend to make large nests of up to 50 thousand wasps. They are dangerous, territorial, and aggressive. They are common and dangerous and a swarm can easily kill a person and more easily kill a pet or child. Yellowjackets are not always large but some species can grow quite big. The danger they pose is mostly as a group but their sting is still very painful and one wasp can sting as many times as it likes so you should be very careful if you have them on your property.