Difference between Bumble Bees and carpenter bees-2

Difference between Bumble Bees and carpenter bees


Bumblebees are quite different from carpenter bees in every way down to evolution. Bumblebees are generally not aggressive. Not like African Honey Bees. They tend to remain around flowers wetting themselves with pollen and depositing it back at the nest. They are fat and stripped with yellow and black. They are not a big danger and an important part of the ecosystem so most exterminators won’t kill them. They are a boon and should be allowed to exist. Carpenter bees, not so much. 

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That being said, carpenter bees are something of a completely different sort. They are treated as a pest and can be exterminated and they are also a danger to not just your family if the aggressive female stings you, especially if you are allergic. The carpenter bee also burrows into the wood like a carpenter ant. They drill through, they don’t eat it. They build catacombs where they deposit eggs in departments and seal them up with bee bread to feed the newborn larva. They tend to build their nests in wooden areas of houses, drip edges are of particular interest to them but any wood will do. You can tell there is an infestation by checking the wood. If they are there you will see small holes all over from the bees burrowing into the wood. If this is what you see then you will need to call an exterminator. These bees live deep in the structure and can be very hard to root out. 

Most of the time people don’t notice they have a carpenter bee infestation until a board on their deck gives way. This is the worst way to find out because you are likely to be injured by whatever damage they have done and will also have to call someone in for a repair or do the repair yourself. That is why it is important to have regular checks of the exterior of your whole house every spring to check for the presence of carpenter bees before it gets bad and someone gets badly hurt. Either from a bad sting, multiple stings, or even injury from wood damage. 

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