How to deal with a carpenter bee infestation

How to deal with a carpenter bee infestation

Don’t panic when you see carpenter bees on your property, there are many easy ways to get rid of them that don’t involve tearing your house apart. 

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When you see the bees burrowing into the wood of your deck of the drip edge under your roof you should take immediate action. Paint all exposed surfaces, any raw wood must be covered up. Fill holes with wood glue and sawdust and use a stick to press it into the nest as far as it will go. 


You can also make use of bee hotels and traps. The trap will kill the carpenter bees while the bee hotel will attract them and allow them to live in the yard and pollinate flowers without infesting your house. This is much more human and a smart idea because bees are at risk right now, but if they don’t go for the hotel its time to pull out the traps. A good trap to use is a wooden box with a mason jar screwed to the bottom, they are attracted to the light so they will fly into the hole in the wooden box and enter the jar, from there they cannot escape and soon you will be rid of them all. Especially the females who do the tunneling to make the nests. The males are not such a threat as they have no stinger. 

A strange thing you can do to get rid of them is to play loud music. Bees communicate through Vibro acoustics around the 500 Hz mark, if you play the music they will not be able to communicate with each other and will eventually abandon the area. Once they are gon seal over all the holes and paint them over. This will prevent future infestations. 

Now you can, of course, use insecticide spray, its what the professionals use to get rid of them and it is very effective, just remember you are killing pollinating bees and at the moment bees around the world are dying at a rapid pace, if you can get them to use a bee hotel they will not threaten you and will help your garden. 

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