How To Get Rid of Bald faced Hornets

How To Get Rid of Bald-faced Hornets

Bald-faced hornets are known for their aggressive attacks and their big colonies. Despite their name, they are not actual hornets at all, but are related to the commonly seen yellow jackets and thus are actual wasps. Bald-faced hornets can be identified by their distinct white markings on their head and their black bodies.

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Their nest is well above ground and their nests can reach a peak of 500 members. These wasps are social wasps which means that they share roles and have a central nest that they go to. Most of the bald-faced hornets that you see outside are the workers. They construct their nest out of a paper-like material and are usually hung on trees at a length of approximately 20 feet.

In most cases, though the height of these wasp nests will not reach more than 10 ft above the ground. Not only do they make nests in trees, but they also make nests on poles, utility lines, overhangs, houses, and sheds. They are dangerous wasps mainly because of the reaction they can cause with their stings. People who get stung might not even know they have an allergic reaction to their stings until it finally happens, and this is why they are rushed to the ER. Now that you know how dangerous bald-faced hornets can be, you probably wonder what you can do against them. Well, if you keep reading we have some tips for you that might help get rid of bald-faced hornets.


This might be a very risky undertaking so make sure you are prepared for every possible outcome and make sure that you have the right protective gear on you and the right tools. Note that you will have to take action when these hornets are inactive, and this is either during dusk or dawn. You will see very less activity compared to the daytime. Make sure that you have gloves, sheers, a bee suit and an industrial-heavy bag preferably more than 1. What you want to do is to locate the wasp nest a day before. Avoid using a flashlight to look for the nest because these wasps will fly towards the light as it is their natural reaction. What you want to do is to cut branches to get ready for the 2nd phase.

The 2nd phase requires some swift action. You have to pull the bag over the nest and cut down the branch to where the nest is attached to. Once the nest is in the bag, put the bag into another bag and secure it.

The Professional Route

The best and the safest option is to hire licensed and insured pest control specialists that have the skills, the tools, and the protective gear to take the nest down. Hire professionals from Wasp Control. Our technicians have been in the field for years and can guarantee wasp nest removals at guaranteed competitive prices. Call 647-360-6809