how to get rid of hornets nest in ground

How to Get Rid of Hornets Nest in Ground

So you see some hornets coming from the ground and see more and more every day. You might be dealing with an infestation. Hornets are larger than common wasps and are much more aggressive. Their stings are said to be very painful and very dangerous. One of the dangers that have to do with hornets is the fact that many stings might induce an allergic reaction if you happen to be unaware of them.

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Their colonies can house up to 500 hornets at their peak and can even expand as time goes on. Pest and children are the most at risk because what is seen as simple curiosity might be considered an invasion of territory and so, hornets will attack whoever comes in their way.

Hornets make nests near a food source, and so, the chance of spotting a ground nest is quite high. Their activity is especially noticeable in the warmer months. They are active in the daytime and wind down with nightfall. This is due to their bad vision. This is also the best time to attack the nest granted with the appropriate protection of course.

Read below and find out how to get rid of ground hornets

Soap & Water

The simplest and the most effective way to get rid of hornets is to make a soapy mixture that consists of water and soap. This mixture is very cheap and very effective to come by. The reason why it is so effective is that the water and the soap mixture penetrate the exoskeleton. It also makes it very hard to breathe for the ground wasp and as a result, the ground hornet will expire.

Insecticide dust.

Make sure to read the instructions but be assured that insecticide dust does not affect flow and plants. The best way to go about insecticide dust is to spray the entrance. The most effective way to apply the insecticide dust is to use a bulb dust sprayer, Make sure to wear gloves, a respirator mask, thick clothes, and preferably a beekeeper hat. With a little bit of investment, you’ll be sure to be safe.

Pop Bottle Trap

This might be a very conventional trap among homebrewers, but its popularity proves its effectiveness. Take a 2L bottle or larger. Cut the top part and flip the top part. What you will end with is a sort of siphon. Now fill the bottle with sugar, water, and dish soap. Apple juice is also an option to attract these hornets. What you will end up with is a very effective trap used by many!

Professional Intervention

Ground hornets are incredibly aggressive and will sting anyone without any care. Professionals are insured and licensed experts that can use their experience and knowledge to take care of the hornet nest and take additional steps to wipe out any other nest that might be hiding in or on the property. All you need to do is contact the professionals from Wasp Control. Call us at 647-360-6809.