How to prevent carpenter bee damage

How to prevent carpenter bee damage

Carpenter bees are a nasty pest. They are aggressive, willing to sting, and their infestation is hard to find, hard to notice, and hard to solve. If you have carpenter bees then you need to get going and get rid of them. 

If you suspect a carpenter bee damage anywhere near or on your property, contact carpenter bee removal Toronto for quick and safe removal.

Carpenter bees and their dime-sized holes they make in deadwood are the easiest way to identify an infestation. Now I know these pests are frustrating and destructive but they are also important pollinators that support several flowers that can be pollinated by no other insect. The males are very docile and have no stinger. They will hover around threateningly if they think you are invading their nest but they can’t hurt you. The females do have stingers and will become aggressive if you directly threaten the nest. So if you want to exterminate it make sure to wear a beekeepers suit. 

These bees love to infest the drip edge of houses, they find it a perfect spot, they also love decks and window frames and anywhere with unfinished wood. Raw wood is what they like and while you can paint over your wood it will peel over time and allow the bees to enter. So how do you prevent this damage to your wood from carpenter bees? It’s very hard. Unless you plan on building a carpenter bee free house from scratch out of plastic and metal you will eventually have to deal with this pest. There is no easy way to protect the wood in your house, you can paint and varnish all the wood on the outside but wood on the inside of the walls and attic are harder to deal with. In the end painting and varnishing is not a complete solution. What you need is to exterminate them. There are many options for this and the best is to hire a professional that can get rid of them fast and easily. Once they are gone though, depending on how long they were there you may have to deal with some consequences of their presence. They will have damaged the wood in your home and if it was a long-lasting infestation your home may actually be unstable and could fall apart if they infestation goes on for years. 

Now they don’t eat the wood, to be clear they tunnel through it to make nests. They deposit eggs in small catacombs in the walls and seal them up with food. This can get very extensive and fill your house with holes. Call Wasp Control and we can take care of the problem with our skilled and trained technicians.