how to kill a wasps nest in the ground

How to Kill a Wasps Nest in The Ground

You are probably wondering why you see so many wasps out of nowhere and wondering where they keep coming from when you don’t even see an actual wasp’s nest hanging from a tree or something. Well, what you might be observing are ground wasps coming and going from their burrows out in the open world! Yes, there is a thing as ground wasps that dig burrows in the ground and have their offspring in an underground nest.

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To dig for an underground nest, these wasps look for the perfect conditions in terms of soil. They will look for loose and soft soils to easily penetrate and make intricate structures. Some structures can even be 2 ft deep. These wasps have their nest close to a food source that they regularly come and go to and from. Ground wasps are active just like regular wasps that have wasps nests in that they are active during the day looking for food and wind down during dawn and sundown. So how do you kill a wasp nest in the ground before they hurt your children or your pets?

1 Close the hole

One way to kill a wasp nest in the ground is to simply close the hole to make sure they don’t have any provisions. You might need to get close to the nest, but the best way to do it is not during business hours but during a time when they are inactive. Make sure to locate the nest beforehand because seeing any kind of light from your phone or flashlight might stir things up

2 Diatomaceous Earth

DE is a very popular substance that is used widely for outdoor gardening purposes. It is mainly used to fight of grubs that live right beneath the surface. A lot of animals come looking for grubs and make a mess out of the yard. Even though diatomaceous earth is mostly used for yard pests, it are also very effective against ground wasps and killing the nest with. The silica act like sharp shards of glass that can easily cut through anything.

3 Soaps & Water              

This might be the cheapest and readily available option since lots of people have soap that they use for different reasons around the house. So, what you need to do is mix soap and water and pour it directly into the hole. It is very effective at killing wasps since the soap-water mixture will penetrate their exoskeleton and kill them.

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