which wasps nest in the ground

Which Wasps Nest in The Ground

You might have noticed certain wasps going from an area and you become curious because you can’t figure out where they are coming from and you decide to take a closer look. There are certain wasp species that make nests in the ground and this can be quite dangerous since they might be in a place that is close to kids and or pests. Wasps will sting anything that they will perceive as a threat.

If you have wasps on your property, the best solution is to contact the professionals from Wasp Control.

They should be removed as soon as possible since their stings can be very unpredictable. It might cause dangerous situations with people who don’t even know they are allergic to wasp stings and might be even hospitalized. So now that you know that ground wasps are dangerous, which are the ones that you should be looking out for?

 Cicada Killers

Any type of insect that has the name killer can’t be good. This name has been given because of the females. They are the ones that paralyze cicadas and bury them in the ground so that their larvae can eat from them. Pretty creepy, eh? Not so good news if you happen to be a cicada!

If you are a human, there isn’t much to worry about since they leave us alone. They dig tunnels that have a diameter of a quarter and are about two feet deep! Once the egg is laid, they will patch the opening, and leave the larvae with the cicada to feed on later…

 Thread Waited Wasps 

This is more of an umbrella term that includes more wasp species including the famed mud daubers, blue diggers, and gold digger wasps! These wasp species tend to stay inside their nest during the nest and when the sun rises, they will also rise and fill their day looking for food.

Very productive indeed. These wasps are also known as solitary wasps which means that they are not dependent on a colony to raise their young but let the young individually raise themselves.


These wasps are quite well-known. These are the type of wasps that tend to get close to you when you are enjoying a picnic. They might be easily mistaken for bees due to the black and yellow colours on their body, but make no mistake, it is not the trusty bumble bee!

They usually take advantage of structures that have already been built by rodents and other animals who burrow in the ground. The nest is created by chewing cellulose texture. The fibre and saliva create a fascinating cylindrical structure!

So, what do you do against these wasps?

The best way to deal with these wasps is to hire a professional pest control expert that knows about their habits and their whereabouts because they are easy to miss if you don’t know what you are looking for exactly. Apart from that, their nests can be gigantic. It’s necessary to make sure every wasp is taken care of and so, hiring the professionals from Wasp Control. Call