What to do about a wasp nest in the walls

What to do about a wasp nest in the walls

Having wasps are a frustrating type of infestation. They are very dangerous in a way that most infestations are not. Physically. Wasps can sting you and their sting hurts a lot. It can also sting you more than once, and many wasps can sting you more than once. This can kill a person if enough wasps sting them at once. What’s scarier is wasps can recognize human faces. So when you annoy a wasp, they remember. They have been found to fly past multiple people to sting the person they remember harming them or their nest. 

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Now wasp nests come in many shapes and sizes. Some wasps nest in holes in the ground, others make single wasp nests in pre-dug rodent burrows and some will make large nests that contain thousands of wasps. The most dangerous is the last one. If this kind of nest is on your property you could be in serious danger. Worse if it is in your house. And what do you do if the wasps have made a nest in your walls? 

A wasp nest in your home makes the danger far worse, you could be stung in your sleep or while making breakfast and if you have children the house essentially becomes unlivable. But this is not the end. There are ways to both find a wasp nest in the walls and to kill it, though removing it is much more of a challenge. 

Finding the nest is a bit of a challenge. You can try tapping on the walls to find if it is hollow or if there is something behind it but that can take a while. You can also try following the wasps as they go about their business. If you can follow them back to their nest then you have them. Most of the time they do not enter the house through a door or window to make a nest. A queen has to start a nest and doesn’t just choose anywhere, she will often enter through a small hole in the house, a vent, a soffit or a crack in the wall or foundation. From there she has free rain to build her nest in secret until its too late and the population is in the thousands. If you can find how she got in you can use that information to find out where to spray insecticide. If this doesn’t work then its time for the professionals. Call Wasp Control for all your wasp needs. We can get rid of any nest, anywhere.