why are wasps so aggressive

Why Are Wasps So Aggressive?

This is a very good question, and this cannot simply be pinpointed to one singular thing. Like with human aggression, there cannot be just one cause for this response, so why are wasps so aggressive to begin with? Well, there seem to be various reasons and that all have to do with defending their territory. Aggression is a display of dominance. Wasps are dominant creatures by nature and as such, they will exterminate everything in their path to colonize an area.

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Each summer, wasps will build a nest and settle their colony in that territory, and this is usually close to a food source. The wasps do not like close competition quite literally because as soon as the wasps see another close competitor, the wasp will rather stay away than spar for dominance because in this instance they are quite avoidant. No, instead, wasps prefer to stay away from trouble, but when they are provoked, they will go into battle and defend their territory.

They will not do this alone, as they will release certain chemicals to have others join in and this is why wasp aggression is so dangerous compared to let’s say bumble bees. Bees will usually pass away instantly when they are stung and will not rather engage in aggression that can lead them to sting people and then subsequently kill themselves in a kamikaze attack

. The wasp is a bit different in that it is usually the male that displays aggression and that it is the female that goes on the attack. This behaviour can be very well observed in the yellow jackets which a lot of people confuse for bees due to their similar black and yellow discoloration on the torrox. It is the males that display aggressive behaviour. They are known to fly really close to whoever and display their aggression. They do this because they do not have the ability to sting whereas the females do have this ability to sting.

Another reason why wasps are said to be aggressive is because of a lack of food. In the fall season when the season is in a transitionary phase, food becomes harder to obtain, these wasps become very aggressive.

Wasps will not sting for any reason and there is always a reason behind it even though we do not understand it. If wasps do sting you, you might be hospitalized, because the reaction can be so bad that a condition called anaphylaxis can develop, it is a severe allergic to a wasp sting.

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