getting rid of wasp nest on soffit

Getting Rid of Wasp Nest On Soffit

So you are seeing wasps fly by and don’t know where they are coming from. You look up and see that there is a nest underneath the soffit area and wonder how you get rid of these nests/ These nests are made up of a paper-like material. There are a lot of wasps that prefer to make their nest under a shaded area and this is why you will see the wasp nest attached to the soffit. It fits snugly and securely. Wasps are a particular threat because they are known to attack in groups. Unlike bees, they do not die and have enough power to have the entire group involved and go multiple rounds.

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Wasps also have the ability to dig in the ground when it happens to be a ground wasp. This is dangerous because pets and children might be in a range that they can be close to and can be perceived as a threat. The sting can have an allergic reaction that can be fatal. This is especially worrying given the fact that most people that get stung by wasps have no idea that they are allergic.

Wasp nests are open and are usually suspended from solid objects or strutters such as soffits or tree branches. Hornets on the other hand have the tendency to build hornet nests on trees or shrubs and they are closed. It would not be weird to see them build on walls either.

 Spot the Nest

To spot the nest, one must conduct an exterior inspection. Truth be told, this is best left to professionals who have all the equipment needed for a safety inspection since a big part of the inspection will be on the roof level. The best time to approach a nest is when they are inactive and this happens either during the dawn or night. This way wasps will not be provoked. Make sure not to incite them with a flashlight as well.

Remove the nest

The final step is removing the nest and for this, you will need a potent wasp spray to disarm the nest. It may sound a bit strange, but you will actually need to make sure that the wasp nest cannot do anything against you. This is why we highly recommend professionals to handle this case.

Even though these methods are great and have worked effectively, nothing beats professional intervention from the exterminators from Wasp Control. We are fully licensed and insured professionals who have years of experience and have powerful commercial-grade pesticides at hand to do the job well. Our crew has a robust process that will work guaranteed. To hire us, contact us. Call 647-360-6809.