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Do Wasps or Hornets Build Nests in the Ground

The answer is that both the hornet and the wasp build nests. The hornets that build nests are known as ground hornets and these hornets prefer to make nests in loose soil. The most well-known wasp is known as the cicada killer. This hornet is named after what it actually eats. They measure 2 inches in length and have brown discoloration.

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They also have colourful yellow marks on their body on different body parts and reassemble the yellow jacket a lot in appearance. Their burrowing habits may seem a bit extraordinary since they are able to dig one foot deep. Their nests are designed to lay eggs and they do not defend their nest as many would like to believe.

They have a powerful stinger which they use and hunt their prey with. Some people who might provoke the hornet might find themselves also stung by the hornet. Whenever the hornet is found, the hornet will paralyze it and bring it back to the nest. This will act like a meal for the eggs when they come out of their eggs.  They are found in a lot of different places for instance on golf courses, around playgrounds, garages, edges of concrete slabs, and even vegetable patches. Hornets will be everywhere where there is food nearby.

There is another wasp that burrows in the ground and these are aptly named Digger wasps. They look very dangerous and threatening, but despite their looks aren’t really a danger. They are characterized by their big size. But despite all that, as mentioned before they aren’t a threat. It is the females you need to look out the most for since when you do get closer can sting you. They are actually very useful and have their eyes set on the most intrusive pests and are kind of the natural pest controller.

Their burrows can be a nightmare for their prey as their prey hold their bodies for later consumption by their eggs that will later hatch and will serve as a first meal. Their burrows are about 6 inches long. These wasps do not rely on a colony and are known as solitary wasps. They hang are open fields, prairies, and other natural places with ample amount of space. They mate in the summer.

The only realizable way of getting rid of these wasps and hornets is to hire a professional exterminator that has access to safety equipment and clothing. Even though these wasps and hornets are not provoked normally, a threat to their habitat could spell disaster for those who would like to get rid of them. Hire Wasp Control. Call our customer representatives for more information.