how to get rid of a hornet nest.

How to Get Rid of a Hornet Nest

The hornet is also counted as a wasp, and they look like the yellow-jackets only significantly larger. The hornet is considered a social wasp and constructs its nest from a paper-like material like the paper wasp because it makes the nest out of a paper-like material its nest from.

Many hornets build their nests in cavities and shrubs. Hornets have the capability to sting their victims several times and are known to go on attack in groups. The main difference is that hornets tend to have larger colonies and those wasp colonies typically count around 100 wasps or less. Since wasps and hornets look quite similar the placement and size are good indicators to see which pest you are dealing with.

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The damage that especially ground hornets can incur on lawns are far greater than other types of wasps since they mainly focus on hunting and expanding their nest. The hornet makes nests up high and on the other hand dig burrows deep into the ground up to 10 inches. Pets and children should stay far away from these burrows as these honest can perceive anyone as a threat. The pain is said to be excruciating!

Wasp nests are open and are usually suspended from solid objects or strutters such as soffits or tree branches. Hornets on the other hand have the tendency to build nests on trees or shrubs and they are closed. It would not be weird to see them build on walls either.

 Spot the Nest

The first step in removing the hornet nest is to spot the hornet’s nest. This is a very important step because of the hornet’s nature. Hornets together with other wasps are very active at the daytime and so you want to remove the nest at a time when they are the least active. Since the hornet has quite some bad vision, the best time to remove the nest is either early in the morning or late at night. This way hornets will not chase after you.

Remove the nest

The next step in the hornet’s nest removal process is to remove the nest. You might be in luck when the nest is at eye height. You might want to call a professional when the nest is higher than that like in the wall. To remove the wasp nest, you will need to wear the appropriate gear. Bee hat, tick fully covered clothing, gloves, and a plastic bag. You want to cut the branch where the nest is hanging from and release it into a thick back. The ticker the material, the better

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